Vehicle Components

SOFITEC is a European leader in processing plastic materials, specialized in thermoforming, gluing and cutting for the automotive industry. The company annually delivers millions of parts to its customers, car manufacturers or 1st tier suppliers. With its wide experience in the automotive market, SOFITEC is a recognized expert in the following functions:

Sealing openings

ouvrantsThe sealing shield prevents water infiltrations towards the inside of the door, and acts as an acoustic barrier for the passengers comfort. With its expertise in thermoforming, SOFITEC creates forms that adapt to complex environments and optimize space in the design of the doors. SOFITEC’s sealing shields are equipped with a strong adhesive sealing string allowing the product to fasten and to make the doors waterproof, for a complete customer solution. Since 1980, the reliability of SOFITEC’s sealing shields is recognized by car makers, placing the company among the leaders on this market. A complete range of solutions is offered by SOFITEC to ensure optimal sealing of the entire vehicle.




Vehicle acoustics

Acoustique-300x262By acting on the shape and choice of materials, SOFITEC creates absorbent and insulating products to enhance the acoustic comfort in the cabin. SOFITEC’s acoustic products are able to reduce noise when the vehicle is running, process interferences and improve the stereo system from the cockpit. Premium manufacturers trust SOFITEC for its acoustic solutions.







AllegementReducing vehicle weight is a major challenge for the automotive industry. SOFITEC supports its customers by developing light and innovative solutions. Thanks to their alveolar nature and specially studied forms, SOFITEC’s products have an excellent trade-off between stiffness and mass. These solutions have allowed our customers to reach up to 70% of weight savings compared to their existing solutions (injected parts, PU foam …).





Thermal insulation

Isolation_thermique1-300x262SOFITEC develops solutions that thermally isolate a compartment of the cabin. By using materials specially designed by our research department, SOFITEC designs light and insulating solutions, adapted to their environment.






Visible parts

aspectSOFITEC is a recognized player for designing and manufacturing visible parts in various materials (non-woven polyolefin foams …). We understand our clients’ strict quality constraints, therefor our expertise ensures one of the best resistance performance and color fastness on our products. SOFITEC is on board many premium vehicles and major tier-1 suppliers rely on our expertise in the field of visible parts.






Adhesive products

adhesifsThe SOFITEC adhesives allow fulfilling numerous functions: fixing, visible parts, protection, parasite noise cancelling, watertightness, airtightness, sealing against dusts…
For both interior and/or exterior applications, the SOFITEC adhesive products can be produced in a wide range of materials: polythene, polypropylene, PVC, non woven fabrics, and more others.







SOFITEC has the industrial capacity to produce large quantities of consumable products, which are not intended to remain on the vehicle after its manufacture. Our research department develops tailor-made rational and economic solutions to ease all business areas.


packaging-300x262SOFITEC’s thermoformed setting trays are effective solutions to prevent fragile products from being damaged by knocking together during transport.








marouflage-300x262The multiplicity of forms enabled by thermoforming gives SOFITEC the opportunity to create masking solutions that are studied to prevent certain elements to receive a coat of paint, wax or polish.







Engine protection

protection_moteur1-300x262During the assembly of a vehicle, some engine components must be protected against the aggressive external environment (paint, dust, lubricants). SOFITEC develops thermoformed elements tailored to meet those needs of protection.