SOFITEC puts innovation at the heart of its industrial strategy since more than 30 years. Research & Development is the engine of our growth.

Manufacturing Process

Industrial robots working on a production line

To sustain growth and improve productivity, SOFITEC leads a dynamic investment policy to have a fleet of new and diverse machines.

Our research department allows us to design and develop innovative industrial solutions. The continuous improvement of manufacturing processes is at the heart of SOFITEC’s know-how.

This is a major asset to our competitiveness.



Our areas of product innovation

Continuous will for lightweight

feathersReducing vehicle weight is a major challenge for the automotive industry. SOFITEC supports its customers in developing light and innovative solutions. Thanks to their alveolar nature and specially studied forms, SOFITEC’s products have an excellent trade-off between stiffness and mass. These solutions have enabled our customers to achieve weight savings of up to 70% in the replacement of their existing solutions (injected parts, PU foam …).

Example: SOFITEC has worked with a French car manufacturer from the pre-project study to the series production on a project replacing full plastic parts to cellular structured parts. The gain was more than 3kg / vehicle.




abstract wave background

By acting on the shape and choice of materials, SOFITEC creates absorbent and insulating products to enhance the acoustic comfort in the cabin. SOFITEC’s acoustic products are able to reduce noise when the vehicle is running, process interferences and improve the stereo system from the cockpit. Premium manufacturers trust SOFITEC for its acoustic solutions.

To meet the growing requirements in terms of acoustic performance, we evolve our products to provide increased performance.

Example: For a Luxury category vehicle, we worked on materials and product design to increase significantly the performances. The observed gain reachs -20 dB.