Quality – Certifications

engagement2SOFITEC’s quality guarantee system and our industrial tool have been certified by the major European manufacturers: PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, VAG, BMW, Volvo… and satisfy to the IATF 16949:2016 norm.

In its constant quest for the search of “zero defect” SOFITEC puts its customers’ satisfaction at the centre of its organization: a security plan is consistently implemented to ensure flexibility and reliability of supply.



Sustainable development

voiture1-300x130As a responsible economic player, SOFITEC is committed to a sustainable continuous improvement process in terms of environmental monitoring.



Social Responsibility

As a responsible economic actor, SOFITEC commits to respect the environment, business ethics, protection of employees and the development of social dialogue.

Respect for laws and business ethics

  • Strictly conform to the rules and laws for the right of competition in the European Union and in each state where SOFITEC operates.
  • Develop honest relationships with our partners, service providers or suppliers, based on quality, requirements, performance and cost. During negotiations, each employee and director has the responsibility to favour the interests of SOFITEC in respect of the law, regardless of favouritism based on relations of friendship or discriminatory criteria otherwise prohibited by our ethical principles;

Protection of employees and the development of social dialogue

  • To promote safety, making employees aware of the preservation of health and the prevention of accidents and promoting the best in the design, development and production of our products.
  • Prohibit child labour and eliminate all forms of forced labour for SOFITEC’s activities, its suppliers and partners.
  • Pursue a policy of freedom of expression and active social dialogue at all levels of the company;

Respect of the environment

  • Improve environmental performance and safety of our processes and our products at every stage of their life cycle: raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use and recycling at the end of life cycle.
  • Remove the presence of dangerous substances for environment and health in our products and processes;